15 March 2017

My Art Block- How I crushed it! And so can you...

As creatives we all understand, and have probably experienced 'that' horrible feeling. You know the one, ‘Nothing I do is going to be good enough, BOLD enough, why doesn’t my hand do what I’m telling it to! AHHH I CAN’T DRAW!!!' Yes it's the old and familiar artist block and the horrible feeling that followers...doubt in yourself. 

We all have or will have it at some point in our creative journey (and if you haven't so far consider yourself extremely fortunate) and hit the road block that is artists block. 

So what is it? Why does this horrible thing happen and how can we avoid it. And why the heck am I writing about it?

My artist block last week 

Being blocked creatively for a creative person is seriously debilitating. Our creativity is our power, our voice and our way of making an impact on this wide world. When we can’t express what we need to, we feel like we’re getting hit in the face with Lucille, Negan’s bat... (Don’t know Negan? that’s cool, it’s a bat with wire on it basically. ow ow ouuuwch!) 

But why does it happen? Most of the time I find it's overthinking what we need to do. Letting the left hand side of the brain take over and not listening to the right side. But there are many reasons for all types of people. Here is a link that will depict it better then I could. 7 Types of Creative Block (and What to Do About Them)

What I did... 

I knew I had to paint something to go on my YouTube channel for the week. But last week I had this feeling. Everything I tried wasn’t working for me. Luckily I record everything; pretty much, so I have a few pics and a vid to show on how I struggled.

So I started with an acrylic painting,
 that seems to be my go to a.t.m .

I decided portrait. 

That’s cool. 

Then I tried to paint the position 
I wanted. And that is where it started
 to go downhill. 

Here is the video, now I look back on 
it, I could have forced a painting out,
 but I was trying to paint something from
 my head, no reference, and wanted the 
girls face in a certain way, and it 
wasn’t helping. 

Where I left it...

I got quite frustrated at this point. BREATHE! So I took a walk... 'That could help ‘I thought. And so I did. When I got back I tried these. 

Here is Rapunzel I jumped into this 
one with no lines, I just wanted 
to get painting! Anyone..... Can 
you even see what I painted here?

I think I was trying to paint some kind
 of galaxy here... I don’t feel I was 
successful. Nope! Just wanted to get stuck in 
there with the pigment but... nope! 
In the end I gave up. A walk usually does me good but for some reason it just wasn’t working. That was my Sunday gone. I tried to paint something on Wednesday, and was slightly more successful. However I knew that I could do better so I was disappointed in myself. 

So how did I overcome it?

In 2015 I really struggled creatively and I knew I didn’t want to go back to that place. I developed a few hacks to try and get out of that negative head space. So here are my tips and tricks to shove away those artist blues. 

Drink a tall glass of water. This may sound un-impressive, but sometimes the brain needs a drink to keep going! Stay hydrated, using brain power uses more then you may think. 

Take a walk. This is my go to tip/trick. Usually it’s all in the head and airing out the cobwebs in some fresh air does you wonders. Take a trip to the park, cafe if it’s raining, even a museum if you’re in a really difficult head space. Bring along a sketchbook and try some observation drawings. No need to think just copy. 

Instagram, Pinterest, YOUTUBE! |These are great places to see other artists going through the mill. These are my favourite sites to check out because I follow some amazingly talented artists, and I am ever so slightly competitive. (.(*ₒ).)

But you have your own vibes and interests! What sites do you like to scroll through? Just make sure you are looking at images, or reading articles that pertain to your type of work. 

DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF!!! I can’t stress this enough. You are amazing in your way, there amazing in their way. If you try to be them, you can’t be yourself! It’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to be like other artists and not being able to get out of this habit. Try by all means, but stay true to yourself and your art work style. 

Inspirational wall quotes. There are lots of good quotes out there. Find one with meaning for you and pot it into a picture frame where you will see it often. 

And lastly I would like to recommend grabbing a very cheap and ugly sketchbook. Why? Because you won’t care how badly you draw in it. It’s a fudge ugly sketchbook! (If you’re like me you like pretty ones!)

Get a sketchbook that you have no attachment to. What do I mean by this? Well if you’re even a little bit like me, when you see or think of stationary or art supplies, you give birth to a little unicorn! It's that amazing.  ∩(︶▽︶)∩  

So try not to make such an attachment. Hard I know, but I find if there is less pressure on you to create something wonderful; with wonderful pens and beautiful sketchbooks, it is a lot easier to get into the flow of creation and create something fabulous. 

So, go check out your nearest pound shop. Buy the cheapest book you can find, one that you can stomach working on, and then dive in. And the great thing is, you don’t care if your drawings are good. All you are doing is filling up the pages to get your creative brain into gear. 

Shamefully I must admit. It was new paints that got me out of my week’s rut. I know this is bad but don’t you just love new paints?! ˆԅ)


And those are my tips! I will probably suggest a few more tips in the future but those are my main go to tricks to get my creative juices flowing again.

What tricks do you use? Do you have a way to get out of the horrid artists block? Leave a comment and let me know! I sure would love to hear what other ways there are out there that I could try next time this happens.

Until then, stay beautiful my beautiful readers.


3 March 2017

My Spiritual Albino Animal Series-Paintings in watercolour and Ink.

Yes it is a quick post this week, I'm just finishing up my application to Falmouth; wish me luck, I'm applying for the MA Illustration: Authorial Practice course and I am told, while it is an amazing course, it is a very popular one so I have to get my application in asap! 

So, short post this week, but still yummy! 

I thought I would share with you my Albino Animal series I created during December. I had a lot of fun with this one. There aren’t that many albino art works out there, and striving to be a little different, of course I chose to draw something to reconcile this. Where’s the love for the albinos people? 

After some research on albinos, the types of animals (which is all btw) can be albino and some reference studies, I got down to work. 

My first attempt was at an Albino Wale! Now I love wales at the best of times after going to Iceland and seeing the minke wale’s there. Beautiful creatures. 

My next subject, or animal was the moose. But of course it was, and unfortunately this moose looks a little more ‘dear’ like, but at Christmas times in December, I think people forgave me.

The third in the four piece series, is the Albino Buffalo. A Native American spiritual animal and very rare. Now this guy I liked a lot, though next time I might give him a herd, so he’s not so lonely. =p

And then there was one, but this one is my favourite. Albino Owl. Now I know he is a little intimidating, with those huge eyes, but I tell you I love him for that reason. 

This December I would love to do a few more albino animals to add to this collection. Then perhaps a comparison between styles would be an interesting post.

And how about you, do you have any suggestions on what animal I should draw? Don’t worry, we have a whole year near enough to decide. But please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear them

Until next time my lovelies,


24 February 2017

Live Drawings from 2016.


It’s Friday, and I’ve found out this is my Blog posting day! Technical terms are coming in here, be impressed…. Heeehh.

And today I have another video for you my dearies but also some close up pictures for you to, well, have a closer look at! And the topic today is live drawings!

I’ve been working hard on my human anatomy over the last year, and if you have joined me this month, or you have been recently reunited / introduced to my blog, you will know that I am posting what my art life was like through 2016. And today is no exception.

I have made a short video of myself talking and flipping through my sketchbooks, I’ve got some pictures and I am also going to post some helpful videos to help you get in that anatomy practice.

First here we go, my sketchbooks from 2016.

Hope the sound quality was ok for you guys? First time recording this way so let me know if all was clear for you! This way I can improve for next time and not make you want to tear out your hair because you can’t understand what it is I am saying. Teehee! 

Next I have a little time laps of my drawing in said sketchbooks. Here perhaps you can see and understand a little better how I create my forms and capture gesture... I hope. =P 

A few more studies of different types

Negative and positive study

Rembrandt Study @ Kenwood House

Detailed study shadow & light

My last instalment will be a couple of Youtubers videos that I relied upon heavily last year. These guys are fantastic to draw along with and I learnt so much. If you are looking to improve your anatomy, check out Sycra and Draw with Chris on YouTube. Invaluable.

How to Draw the Male Torso.

Live Drawing with Chris.

So Seriously check these guys out! Go now! I'm finished anyway. :p

Until next week my lovies!

P.s Appolagies for the font this week for the font this week, its doing what ever it wants and this was me trying to make it all one, so Arial this week.
 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

17 February 2017

Favourite Drawings from 2016

Yes, HELO!

And I’m back and as promised another post similar to the last, this time I am showing you my favourite drawings I created from last year. 

These drawings and sketches were my attempt as an artist to try and figure out where my love and talents were.

Result? I LOVED IT ALL! So helpful right? (Don’t worry I’m seeking professional help) No but seriously, I found out last year that the more traditional the better suited my talents were. This led me to my live drawing classes; which will be presented in a later post, and these guys love the traditional mediums.

What do you guys think about me creating a video for the techniques I learnt? Would you be interested in my findings, or should I jump strait into a tutorial for sketching? Let me know what you think in the comments bellow, or hit me up via email, twitter or comment on one of the many social media links (to the right). Click whichever is most convenient for you!

Until next time my sweet cheeks,


3 February 2017

My Favorite Paintings of 2016

Hello, and here I am so happy to show you my favourite pictures I did last year.  And for your convenience I’ve popped them into a dinky little slideshow.

OH! You’re most welcome my dearies. =P 

Please do join me in my next post where I'll be presenting my favourite drawings from last year. 

I am also gathering together images of my live drawing studies but wouldnt you know it, there are just so many! So i may just do a video going through my sketchbooks so you can see them all. Let me know if have any thoughts on this, how would you like to see my drawings presented? Do you have any creative ideas that you would like to see? Let me know in the comments bellow! 

Untill next time my lovlies! 


27 January 2017

Guess who's back... back again...

Deni is back.

Yes it has been a while, for those of you who can still remember who I am. It’s DeNI, HI!  I’m the blogger that used to post her online sketchbook with all of those cool animation studio pictures. She made cool props and drew interesting images? No?

Ok that’s kl, but for those of you that have an inkling, (even a tiny one!)  you’re probably thinking, ‘that was ages go! ‘And you are right, but just like the rest of the world, stuffs* changed.  For firsts, I have A NEW THEME! New me new theme, yes?

And BOY OH BOY ET! New is the theme of this post. (Get what I did there… oh yeah…)

I have a new vocation. Ok it’s not changed too dramatically but it was a big decision. From animation; still magical and amazing, to Illustration. As soon as I decided to make the change and commit, I knew it was the right thing to do. When it feels right it just feels right! You know.  

Even though I made the decision to change it wasn’t that easy to make the transition. All last year I worked on developing my talents, figuring out just where my strengths were and how to develop them into something more… aka make a living out of. ٩˘)۶ If you may recall, I had a few arty areas of interest. Crafting, painting, sculpting, animation, drawing, mixed media, digital yadaya rar rar rar.

(those end ones are the best)

So, after many, many… many lessons, experiments, practicing, studying and perseverance throughout 2016; I realised there are lot more roles into being an artist then I thought.  I won’t bore you with all the specific details, not yet at least anyway, teehee!  But, an artist must wear many hats, and hats I have studied and tried so hard to wear.

But being back at my blog I finally feel like I know more about how I can grow here with you guys and really create something that adds more value for you and me.

And I have a logo now that goes on everything, I love it. Keep an eye out for this bad boy my sweet cheecks! (also look how cool it looks on my heading there, oh colour me proud.)

Next post I am going to show you just what I have been working on, visually darling! And I do hope you will join me.

Until Next time my friends!

14 October 2015

My little Zombies!

So Last week and this week I have uploaded a couple pics of cute little zombies in the UK. And what do we do in the UK really well? DRINK TEA! But of course. So In honor of the new series of The Walking Dead I decided to draw these guys!

I stared in my sketchbook drawing the assets all separately. Pencil then pen, rub then scan. 

Then I started to colour! My Fav

And before you know it that was one done! Tada! 

After this one I couldn't resist drawing more. 

And here is my second one! 

I have one more idea... "in a hoard of zombies? Dress up tea party!" ...Its morbid.. but in a cute way. Ha..haha... ha. 

How about you? Are you any better at trying to rhyme then I am? (Dont need to tell me i'm terrible, even on poet week! ) Let me know if you have any ideas that I can draw in this little series of mine. 

Also Check out my Facebook page  to see more updates on, "The Zombie Apocalypse in The UK!" 
Or check out my Instagram page to see daily updates on what i'm drawing and all the other creative stuff I get up to that isn't on my Blog! 

Until next time my lovelies!! 

28 September 2015

Having fun with more watercolour.

So I have been absolutly terrible in posting this month! So I the fix for this is obviously to just post some thing ne? 


So I've been working alot recently on developing my style and trying to figure out the best way to illustrate my style through a recognizable technique. Problem with this is; as you may have noticed, I use a fair few techniques and materials to create my art. 

I have actually been considering creating some you tube videos for inspiration, style development and creating an artistic voice within ones art work.  What do you think of this idea, have you seen any tutorials that you have found useful? Or would you like to see more of this type of this out there? Leave me a comment or get in contact on FB, which is so super easy! 

Heres the link if FB is more your thang! 

So I digress, this post is detailing some of water colour paintings and tests that I've been up to this month. 

Girl walking in the desert with a fish in a bowl of water... How long until she drinks the water? 

Sketch of a butterfly


  Spray ink background with chalk, white paint and outlines. Inspired by all of those amazing concept prices that are out there! 

Decided to pop this one in because 
It's just too darn cute! And it's apart 
Of a new short series in doing in prep 
For the launch of the walking dead. 

Stay tuned for more of where that came from!

This last one is a work in progress but I really like how it's going! 

What do you think! See any style development here?
You know where to comment, 

                                                                                             Until next time! 

14 August 2015

Saying Chow for Now to O.U.A.I (Once Upon an Iceberg...)

WoWzer! How oh how is it already Friday!

That's a good thing the week has gone so fast isn't it?  And guess what our last and unfortunatly quick little post will be about? 

That's right I'm on track for my last week, being my last week for O.U.A.I! I have been in discussions about still attending for a little longer to  help out bit more, but we shall see how that go.

And what have I been doing? 

Well I'm glad you asked! So we have an iceberg but no ice caps! What do we think, Tatutuga's iceberg is the only one? No, so here I am creating the basic shapes to create some truly amaze background features. Its all in the little things. That's the key. (Take a look at the Witcher! -if thoust dost game, you get me)

I digress! 
I made my caps by getting what tibits of foam and poly the team could muster, and stuck and cut them into general shapes that kinda looked like what I wanted it to. And then I cut the foam with a hot wire, which can get very toxic in fumes BTW, so if you do ever melt foam or poly, make sure your not breathing in any nasty stuff with a mask and good ventilation. 

Here I am in a time laps so you can see a little bit of what I'm doing and get a better 
understanding of it.  

After this I simply cleaned up what I needed to and covered the pieces in plaster! Tada! Iceberg. 

And some more pictures of my work space and the process of making the ice just for you guys. 

And that's it.

Hope you liked my short but creative post. =P

Hit me with a comment and let me know if you like my time laps and if I should put more on here. Also if my step by step was interesting to you, or if you wished I would go into less; or perhaps more detail. 

Just hit that comment and let me know! 

Until Next time,

4 August 2015

Back to Once Upon and Iceburg.

Back to Once Upon an Iceberg

And I am in my final week (with potential for recall in EMERGENCY! =P)

For the last few weeks I've updated you on how I've been helping to create this wonderfully cute yet strange animation. And after this post there may only be one more on my 'icy' blog post! Yes that means I will no longer be able to keep you updated an right in on behind the scenes.  But I have seen a few clips and test shots and it is looking amazing and I cant wait until next years release! 

So What Have I been Up to...

...last week I was painting these little guys along with making a few props myself for a boat. If you follow me on Instagram you will already have seen a mock scene of the boat. Have a looky! here is a link  If you have the Instagram, why not follow to get more in depth updates on what I'm up to and where I'm at! 

My work space painting TINY lite props.

And bellow is what I painted! I had a lot of fun with these, especially the made up language. Luckily I had developed this writing from a young age...aka I used to use this type of writing in a lot of my drawings growing up. ✍(◔◡◔)

And here is a collage of pictures showing my making process of a bucket. Perfect for fish! Or so I'm told. And I think there going to be dead fish too.... oh look there they are below.

I also helped to paint these little guys... aint' they cute..  These were made by Becky, from wire, masking tape and sculpy. Arnt' they amaze! 

And last but not least, to get an idea of the final piece, some of the assortments mixed with the boat. The boat its self was made by the wonderful Becky. It's made of a body of foam, fashioned with planks bolsa wood around the edges, and a bolsa cabin. All etched with a wood grain and painted with rosco. I helped construct the roof of the hut and I finished the paint job on this puppy. 

I think it looks soo cute! the design was inspired by a mixture of Inuit and western fishing boats. 

I am going to add a few more shots of where we left one of the stages (for now) and some screen shots. Photographs are by myself and the crew who are all very talented. To see morw of the project and more amazing work! Why not check out the links below and have a look at all the skill. 


Inside of Tuts' place. (unfurnished)

Screengrab of animation
OH TUTS! Why you so cute! You heartless little one you. 

Before I leave I am going to leave you with a few links to the producers and animators websites if you would like to follow this project more! I defiantly recommend it as they have more amazing information and pictures for your drooling chops. 

How did you like the props I helped make? Think of any other cute tiny things I can make that could help. or have you ever made any tiny props? I'd love to hear from you and what you made your tiny props for.

Until next time,

27 July 2015

Art on Holiday!

Holiday art, because an artists work is never done! 

So many emoticons! 

My (work) holiday began in Córdoba where most of my sketching took place. With so much fantastic structures, courtyards and cultural influences; of course there's a lot to draw! 

So here are some of my architecture studies....

With a few shots of me sketching!

I also had a lot of fun photographing a lot of what was around me, here are some of those shots. 

If you would like to see more of my pictures from my holiday, here's my instergram page (you might see some of these pictures there too!) 

And that was just Córdoba! 

Here are the few sketches that I made in Torremolinos... 

And I felt like it so I drew a sanuritaaa! 

Well that took me awhile to upload! 
And that was my holiday folks. And yeas, it was awesome. =P

Until next time!