28 September 2015

Having fun with more watercolour.

So I have been absolutly terrible in posting this month! So I the fix for this is obviously to just post some thing ne? 


So I've been working alot recently on developing my style and trying to figure out the best way to illustrate my style through a recognizable technique. Problem with this is; as you may have noticed, I use a fair few techniques and materials to create my art. 

I have actually been considering creating some you tube videos for inspiration, style development and creating an artistic voice within ones art work.  What do you think of this idea, have you seen any tutorials that you have found useful? Or would you like to see more of this type of this out there? Leave me a comment or get in contact on FB, which is so super easy! 

Heres the link if FB is more your thang! 

So I digress, this post is detailing some of water colour paintings and tests that I've been up to this month. 

Girl walking in the desert with a fish in a bowl of water... How long until she drinks the water? 

Sketch of a butterfly


  Spray ink background with chalk, white paint and outlines. Inspired by all of those amazing concept prices that are out there! 

Decided to pop this one in because 
It's just too darn cute! And it's apart 
Of a new short series in doing in prep 
For the launch of the walking dead. 

Stay tuned for more of where that came from!

This last one is a work in progress but I really like how it's going! 

What do you think! See any style development here?
You know where to comment, 

                                                                                             Until next time! 

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