27 January 2017

Guess who's back... back again...

Deni is back.

Yes it has been a while, for those of you who can still remember who I am. It’s DeNI, HI!  I’m the blogger that used to post her online sketchbook with all of those cool animation studio pictures. She made cool props and drew interesting images? No?

Ok that’s kl, but for those of you that have an inkling, (even a tiny one!)  you’re probably thinking, ‘that was ages go! ‘And you are right, but just like the rest of the world, stuffs* changed.  For firsts, I have A NEW THEME! New me new theme, yes?

And BOY OH BOY ET! New is the theme of this post. (Get what I did there… oh yeah…)

I have a new vocation. Ok it’s not changed too dramatically but it was a big decision. From animation; still magical and amazing, to Illustration. As soon as I decided to make the change and commit, I knew it was the right thing to do. When it feels right it just feels right! You know.  

Even though I made the decision to change it wasn’t that easy to make the transition. All last year I worked on developing my talents, figuring out just where my strengths were and how to develop them into something more… aka make a living out of. ٩˘)۶ If you may recall, I had a few arty areas of interest. Crafting, painting, sculpting, animation, drawing, mixed media, digital yadaya rar rar rar.

(those end ones are the best)

So, after many, many… many lessons, experiments, practicing, studying and perseverance throughout 2016; I realised there are lot more roles into being an artist then I thought.  I won’t bore you with all the specific details, not yet at least anyway, teehee!  But, an artist must wear many hats, and hats I have studied and tried so hard to wear.

But being back at my blog I finally feel like I know more about how I can grow here with you guys and really create something that adds more value for you and me.

And I have a logo now that goes on everything, I love it. Keep an eye out for this bad boy my sweet cheecks! (also look how cool it looks on my heading there, oh colour me proud.)

Next post I am going to show you just what I have been working on, visually darling! And I do hope you will join me.

Until Next time my friends!

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