14 October 2015

My little Zombies!

So Last week and this week I have uploaded a couple pics of cute little zombies in the UK. And what do we do in the UK really well? DRINK TEA! But of course. So In honor of the new series of The Walking Dead I decided to draw these guys!

I stared in my sketchbook drawing the assets all separately. Pencil then pen, rub then scan. 

Then I started to colour! My Fav

And before you know it that was one done! Tada! 

After this one I couldn't resist drawing more. 

And here is my second one! 

I have one more idea... "in a hoard of zombies? Dress up tea party!" ...Its morbid.. but in a cute way. Ha..haha... ha. 

How about you? Are you any better at trying to rhyme then I am? (Dont need to tell me i'm terrible, even on poet week! ) Let me know if you have any ideas that I can draw in this little series of mine. 

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Until next time my lovelies!! 

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