14 August 2015

Saying Chow for Now to O.U.A.I (Once Upon an Iceberg...)

WoWzer! How oh how is it already Friday!

That's a good thing the week has gone so fast isn't it?  And guess what our last and unfortunatly quick little post will be about? 

That's right I'm on track for my last week, being my last week for O.U.A.I! I have been in discussions about still attending for a little longer to  help out bit more, but we shall see how that go.

And what have I been doing? 

Well I'm glad you asked! So we have an iceberg but no ice caps! What do we think, Tatutuga's iceberg is the only one? No, so here I am creating the basic shapes to create some truly amaze background features. Its all in the little things. That's the key. (Take a look at the Witcher! -if thoust dost game, you get me)

I digress! 
I made my caps by getting what tibits of foam and poly the team could muster, and stuck and cut them into general shapes that kinda looked like what I wanted it to. And then I cut the foam with a hot wire, which can get very toxic in fumes BTW, so if you do ever melt foam or poly, make sure your not breathing in any nasty stuff with a mask and good ventilation. 

Here I am in a time laps so you can see a little bit of what I'm doing and get a better 
understanding of it.  

After this I simply cleaned up what I needed to and covered the pieces in plaster! Tada! Iceberg. 

And some more pictures of my work space and the process of making the ice just for you guys. 

And that's it.

Hope you liked my short but creative post. =P

Hit me with a comment and let me know if you like my time laps and if I should put more on here. Also if my step by step was interesting to you, or if you wished I would go into less; or perhaps more detail. 

Just hit that comment and let me know! 

Until Next time,

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