4 August 2015

Back to Once Upon and Iceburg.

Back to Once Upon an Iceberg

And I am in my final week (with potential for recall in EMERGENCY! =P)

For the last few weeks I've updated you on how I've been helping to create this wonderfully cute yet strange animation. And after this post there may only be one more on my 'icy' blog post! Yes that means I will no longer be able to keep you updated an right in on behind the scenes.  But I have seen a few clips and test shots and it is looking amazing and I cant wait until next years release! 

So What Have I been Up to...

...last week I was painting these little guys along with making a few props myself for a boat. If you follow me on Instagram you will already have seen a mock scene of the boat. Have a looky! here is a link  If you have the Instagram, why not follow to get more in depth updates on what I'm up to and where I'm at! 

My work space painting TINY lite props.

And bellow is what I painted! I had a lot of fun with these, especially the made up language. Luckily I had developed this writing from a young age...aka I used to use this type of writing in a lot of my drawings growing up. ✍(◔◡◔)

And here is a collage of pictures showing my making process of a bucket. Perfect for fish! Or so I'm told. And I think there going to be dead fish too.... oh look there they are below.

I also helped to paint these little guys... aint' they cute..  These were made by Becky, from wire, masking tape and sculpy. Arnt' they amaze! 

And last but not least, to get an idea of the final piece, some of the assortments mixed with the boat. The boat its self was made by the wonderful Becky. It's made of a body of foam, fashioned with planks bolsa wood around the edges, and a bolsa cabin. All etched with a wood grain and painted with rosco. I helped construct the roof of the hut and I finished the paint job on this puppy. 

I think it looks soo cute! the design was inspired by a mixture of Inuit and western fishing boats. 

I am going to add a few more shots of where we left one of the stages (for now) and some screen shots. Photographs are by myself and the crew who are all very talented. To see morw of the project and more amazing work! Why not check out the links below and have a look at all the skill. 


Inside of Tuts' place. (unfurnished)

Screengrab of animation
OH TUTS! Why you so cute! You heartless little one you. 

Before I leave I am going to leave you with a few links to the producers and animators websites if you would like to follow this project more! I defiantly recommend it as they have more amazing information and pictures for your drooling chops. 

How did you like the props I helped make? Think of any other cute tiny things I can make that could help. or have you ever made any tiny props? I'd love to hear from you and what you made your tiny props for.

Until next time,

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