27 July 2015

Art on Holiday!

Holiday art, because an artists work is never done! 

So many emoticons! 

My (work) holiday began in Córdoba where most of my sketching took place. With so much fantastic structures, courtyards and cultural influences; of course there's a lot to draw! 

So here are some of my architecture studies....

With a few shots of me sketching!

I also had a lot of fun photographing a lot of what was around me, here are some of those shots. 

If you would like to see more of my pictures from my holiday, here's my instergram page (you might see some of these pictures there too!) 

And that was just Córdoba! 

Here are the few sketches that I made in Torremolinos... 

And I felt like it so I drew a sanuritaaa! 

Well that took me awhile to upload! 
And that was my holiday folks. And yeas, it was awesome. =P

Until next time!

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