24 June 2015

Holiday Time!

Apologies for what was suposed to be last weeks post just being posted before this one. But ateasy there are two now! 😁

So as the title says. I'm on holiday in the beautiful Cõrdoba, Spain. My first day here and I thought I should post a little drawing before I start to have too much fun. 😁

This holiday I am focusing on water colour drawing and architecture. As Cõrdoba has three cultural main influences, where could I find a better place to get some really lovely drawings. 

So before I came away I went to the art shop and got an art haul that I most defiantly couldn't afford, but who can resist an art shop. On this trip I bought some fantastic water colour pens just got this trip. 

So far they have been really fun to use, not got too much experience with them yet but I'm sure by the end of the hols I'm going to be a pro. 

So here's a little sketch of 'A averroe mcmlxvii'. 

I added the birds because they were everywhere! 

If you look close you'll see that I've tricked you will Gauls perspective. 😋

Until next time, 


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