10 June 2015

A closer look at those icebergs..

(So this was meant to go out last week! For some reason my phone didn't upload it, so thanks phone. 😭) so this week is a double posting week it seems! 

This week I'm still primarily working on the props for the animation 'once upon an iceberg' so I haven't had much time to invest in anything else incredibly creative. (That is until next week! See next weeks post to find out 😋)  


So let's have a closer look at what I've been doing. 

We moved our studio first of all! Well, I say moved, more like removed to make way for another, lmuch larger production. 

And here's another Shot of me hard at work. Safety notice: always were protection gear when dealing with fibreglass, it's a prickly so n' so. Also it's dangerous so seriously guys... 😜 

So our final concept is to have these peices apear like there the underside of an iceberg and have a small cap with snow on top. We're still testing on the snow but the burgs will be made from resin. As you've seen. So what do the final ice burgs look like? 

Here we go! 

This peice is a moc up of one of our smaller burgs, once we zoom in from the whole smaller scale peice. 

Next, a closer look at one of our wonderful resin burgs. Here we have one before any of the paint has been applied. As you can see its got a blue tinge already, this is because of the slight pigment dropped in when the resin was in liquid form. 

These bergs have been quite hard; figuring out how to paint while still maintaining the translucency and  keeping the light traveling through the paint, while creating texture! It has been the trickyist little peice. 😖

Here a some more shots, each with a little bitore paint.

And just to finish off, a shot of us setting up for a proper moc up set up. 

What our test looked like with a backdrop and proper lighting. 

You can see more on my Instagram link past and future, here https://instagram.com/deni.santana/

Until next time! 

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