26 May 2015

Back on to Prop Making!

I forgot how much I love it! 

And I'm back at the NFTS! This May I've been traveling to Beaconsfeild to help out my oldest friend Liz with her film project, as I've said in my previous post.

        On my way to Bwacknsfeild 

Liz is the set designer and is designing for a stop motion animation 'Once Upon an Ice Burg'.  I'm very excited about this project and to help out any way I can, it's been a while since I have created; or assisted in this case, assets for a 2D feature. 

Right now I am concentrating on ice! Yup, you've got it, I'm helping to create the ice burg. I mentioned this a little bit before. 

We're using resin so that we can play with light, shade and texture to really help recreate the ice qualities. Also, shinny. 

 Here are some of the test peices that we have been producing. 

And me hard at work hacking out polly so we can have a cast of the resin. 

Here is inside the burg...

And the outside so far...

To shade the peice I'm spray painting I top of white highlights, inside of the resin casting. This way we can retain the gloss on the outside. 

And let's not forget the studio! 

Chow for now

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