9 May 2015

Animating again!! Well, sort of...

So iv'e been busy recently; doing what? Oh nothing much, just reforming my life. As you do.

I'm sure we've all been there at one point or another. Finding the creativity and inspiration to implement what we actually want to do though is another matter. In my case it's a matter of organisation, presentation and implementation.

Knowing is the first step I think, and I have decided that I am going to extend this blog to an inspirational blog as well as creative sketchbook and behind the scenes blog.

That said I'm not quite there yet. Soon but not yet, I'm in the process of planing. The organisation part of things. While I'm doing this I am also working on a few projects with the hope of more to come. I have completely jumped into the pool of freelance!

So this is one of the projects I'm working on and I think its the one i'm most excited about. I'm back to Design and Prop making! Its been a while since I've had the ambition to get back into animation but with the help of an old friend and just a swell story line and aesthetics I don't think I could resist. 

So my current tasks are paint work, texturing and modeling; all for testing so far, but when they are approved by the director we will go ahead and make the final models. And I can proudly say this is my first time Polly sculpting, so I've had a lot of fun there. (Polly is what you can see under the desk there to the right, if your not sure its kind of like foam you get in parcels, just heavy duty.) 

Here are some resin tests with and without paint. Here we are testing  which texture would be better for ice. 

And more testing of materials here seeing which would be best for the icebergs inside columns. This is built up with more polly and plaster caster. Simple! 

I'm defiantly enjoying this project at the moment, so I'll be keeping you up to date! 

Until next time,

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