17 February 2017

Favourite Drawings from 2016

Yes, HELO!

And I’m back and as promised another post similar to the last, this time I am showing you my favourite drawings I created from last year. 

These drawings and sketches were my attempt as an artist to try and figure out where my love and talents were.

Result? I LOVED IT ALL! So helpful right? (Don’t worry I’m seeking professional help) No but seriously, I found out last year that the more traditional the better suited my talents were. This led me to my live drawing classes; which will be presented in a later post, and these guys love the traditional mediums.

What do you guys think about me creating a video for the techniques I learnt? Would you be interested in my findings, or should I jump strait into a tutorial for sketching? Let me know what you think in the comments bellow, or hit me up via email, twitter or comment on one of the many social media links (to the right). Click whichever is most convenient for you!

Until next time my sweet cheeks,


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