24 February 2017

Live Drawings from 2016.


It’s Friday, and I’ve found out this is my Blog posting day! Technical terms are coming in here, be impressed…. Heeehh.

And today I have another video for you my dearies but also some close up pictures for you to, well, have a closer look at! And the topic today is live drawings!

I’ve been working hard on my human anatomy over the last year, and if you have joined me this month, or you have been recently reunited / introduced to my blog, you will know that I am posting what my art life was like through 2016. And today is no exception.

I have made a short video of myself talking and flipping through my sketchbooks, I’ve got some pictures and I am also going to post some helpful videos to help you get in that anatomy practice.

First here we go, my sketchbooks from 2016.

Hope the sound quality was ok for you guys? First time recording this way so let me know if all was clear for you! This way I can improve for next time and not make you want to tear out your hair because you can’t understand what it is I am saying. Teehee! 

Next I have a little time laps of my drawing in said sketchbooks. Here perhaps you can see and understand a little better how I create my forms and capture gesture... I hope. =P 

A few more studies of different types

Negative and positive study

Rembrandt Study @ Kenwood House

Detailed study shadow & light

My last instalment will be a couple of Youtubers videos that I relied upon heavily last year. These guys are fantastic to draw along with and I learnt so much. If you are looking to improve your anatomy, check out Sycra and Draw with Chris on YouTube. Invaluable.

How to Draw the Male Torso.

Live Drawing with Chris.

So Seriously check these guys out! Go now! I'm finished anyway. :p

Until next week my lovies!

P.s Appolagies for the font this week for the font this week, its doing what ever it wants and this was me trying to make it all one, so Arial this week.
 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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