21 January 2015


Yes, I attended a Lego convention!

(っ◔︣◡◔᷅)っBRICK2014 c(◕︣◡◕᷅c)

Over the December period I attended a few functions for work, but I think going to see the Lego was one of the most fun.  I met some really cool designers and fans of lego that had so much enthusiasm it was great to be apart of.

I was there on the first day and the convention with Game, the game shop helping to sell the new lego Batman game as well as other lego themed titles. I was cheeky and got there a wee bit earlier so I could walk around and see all of the cool stuff.

Here are a few of those swell things!

                                        And here I am meeting some awesome people.

Above, the actual real person that i met is Carl Greatrix,  and we discussed a few of his designs, his personal stall within the fan zone and not to mention the design processes behind the lego! We were also given an insight into how the two larger then life lego batman and robin (seen above) were made and then transferred into the convention.  It was very interesting! And for a flavour of what we discussed here is a short video that I found after the convention. 

If you would like to see more of Carl click here to see his Linkedin Profile. 

And lets not forget to show me hard at work...=p

And to finalise the day I received a wonderful autograph from one of the directors of the game! (Please forgive I really cant recall his name =/ I feel really bad!)  

And that was the Lego... sorry, BRick Convention!

Stay tuned to see more events and shenanigans. Ha!


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