19 January 2015

Events Over Decemer

Well Its been two months since I last posted anything anywhere on the web. For all retrospect on the Internets behalf I've all but vanished off of the face of the planet. But Ima human so sue me its been CHRISTMAS!  And not that I don't have somethings to post! So be prepared to see allot of me and my work. I can only presume that why your hear anyway. =p

Without further adieu! A few things to look forward to: some digital drawings that I've been keeping myself busy with, naturally it was that time of year so I will be showing some of my crafting (elf shop style) Christmas present that I made for all of my friends and family.  (and as soon as I give out the remainder of my presents I can post!) Events and trips that i've been luckily enough to attend and I think to finish up the month a few snippets from some of the latest animation i'm working on. (Yay animating again!)

So now that's all said in one large paragraph and totally unorganized, I will leave, for now, a preview of the next few posts.

Until next time,

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