3 July 2014

Portraits with watercolour.

                 So this week i'm focusing on getting at least three images sketched and painted with the theme of 'Feminine Strong Female Characters'. This was, I guess inspired by the many articles i've seen as of late that are discussing how strong female leads in movies at the moment seem to have great character but no point in the plot line; which makes them almost null-void. Or the behavioral patterns that we comply onto younger adults/children, such as girls like pretty things and boys throw rocks... I won't go into it here though. But, this is what I have been reading recently ergo, these drawings. 

My first image I had a 'Bride' or 'Wedding'  agenda while I was drawing it. 
I wanted a gentle character but an intense but subtle approach to her looking at the 'camera', as it were. 
And while, yes, getting married may not be a strong premise for a female character, I wanted to portray her as a 'I have power like a queen' strong. Which is why the dress isn't white and I wanted an integral and lady like quality within the character making her strong through perseverance.  Respectable like, if that jumble of words made sense.

I didn't actually take a picture of this in pencil, but this was possibly at a 2-1/4 way through. I'm not sure I like this one. I messed up with the golden crown and tried a variety of things before I eventually just covered the thing in gold pen.  Can you tell the theme? 

Yay, its Alice in Wonderland, the Red Queen, who has just taken the Queen of Diamonds crown. tut, tut. 

 And Last but not least this little lady. I'm not sure what I intended with this one, gentleness definitely. but also I think I just wanted to do a pretty lady. =p


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