7 July 2014

One of those days...

Just one of those days it seems.  I thought I was being a little crazy with my outfit but obviously my day wasn't wacky enough. So on this particular day I decided that I was going to go out and do some nice watercolour sketches of some statues in the graveyard for my blog; seems simple enough.

I began my journey and lo, I found a bracelet; which was fabulous. I snapped that baby on and though yay lucky me. Then after waiting for half an hour for a bus, (if you live in London you know how irritating it is to even wait more than 10 minutes for a bus)  and after left, halfway through the ride it decided to stop and go on diversion, so I had to wait another 15 mins for the next one to come, -_-. 
Love my jelly bracelet too! 
Celtic design bracelet

So when I eventually get to the graveyard I meet a strange man who keeps talking to me, but I can't understand a word he is saying. Eventually I manage to slip away from him and find a perch far, far away to do my sketch. 
My Watercolor sketching perch and subject.

Ok not so random you're thinking,  but wait, theres more. 
Angle flower girl

On my way out of the graveyard and park area, I meet another guy on a bike and he insists on trying to talk to me, after my last experience i've learned my lesson of going to the graveyard to sketch in a space print leggings. 

Then on my journey home I saw an array of characters that were so eccentric that I thought they should all star in main roles. A man in a moleskin 3 1/4 length jacket topped with a fedora hat and gloves. Nice out fit, but on a day where its 20 something; well, hunny its a bit hot for that. Then I saw a striking red flowing dress adorning a male riding a bike down the motorway. Oh and a summer straw hat.  

 Then I when I eventually got home after a long, rush hour journey home, I eat strawberries and a burger accompanied with avocado and cashew nut, topped with pomegranate and vinaigrette sauce drizzled on top. Its strange ohhh M G it was soo good you have no idea. (sorry no burger in the pic above, I was too hungry and the burger was cooking here. )

And then MACAROOONS!!!  

And they were delicious too. =p. 

So overall, not your usual day, right? 


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