10 July 2014

Comic at the British Museum.

Entrance to the show.

So I saw an advert for 'Comics Unmasked' at The British Museum and I thought to myself, how can I resist going to see such an exhibition, especially when it is so close. So last week I booked my ticket and today I set off. 

Overall I think it was a pretty cool exhibit! Very nice one so thank you British Museum.  ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

A few of the pieces caught my eye, and I made a few sketches in the small amount of time that I had.
( Not the exhibits time limit, my own. (︺︹︺) )

A few of these sketches are below.

Thoth Tarot. Represents completion and
achievement of goals.
 My first sketch, or more like scribbles that might not even be eligible to you, is a tarot card painting; around A3 size with border frame.  It was 'The Universe Tarot Card'. And only 4 of the whole deck have been seen since they were painted. I only wish my sketch did the piece justice.   They were painted in the early 20th Century by a gentleman named Aleister Crowley. ( was the only one whose brain jumped to Crowley in Supernatural? hmnnn? )  
Sneaky picture of The Universe Taro card
in the comic Batman: Arkham Asylum. 
                                   This Taro can also be seen in Batman's Arkham Asylum comic. Unfortunately, despite the amazing artwork by Dave McKean, I didn't buy this comic, though I thought about it, but i did manage to sneak a sneaky picture of the page it was on.

 Here are a few more sketches that I did throughout the tour:

Another piece that caught my eye especially was the publication of the Victorian 'Penny Dreadful'. I knew nothing about this except that there has been a recent release of a series by this title, so to see this was like an explosion in my mind. Very awesome indeed.

If you dont know anything about either, let me help you out with that. Heres a link to the Penny Dreadful site,   and a beautiful image of the cast is below.

Not only all of this, but I also found out later today that a local old pub, 'The Spaniards Inn' was also names after a highway robber that used to robb people that were comming out of London. Guess his name? Dick Turpin, Also the name of the main anti hero in Penny Dreadfull! So eventualy and hopefully sometime soon I will take a trip up there and get some sketches of the Inn and of 'Jack Straws Castle'.

AAANNND I got a huge haul! I couldn't resist. Granted, some bits were found but who can resist pens and comics? Not I.So bellow you will se the comic of Batman that I bought, going to have fun reading that one tonight. (˘‿˘ʃƪ) And I had to get a postcard, a little tradition with Musiums for me that I think everybody should invest in. A pick for my guitar, a leaf I found in one of the decorative display books.  And other bits and pieces about the exhibit. 

And I bought a couple of pens. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) I love stationary. (dont judge)
                                         The white one is basically a blender for non permanent ink and pencils and the other is a black liner with two sided nibs.                                                                                                                                             Verry FUN pens, so as soon as I got home I tested them out on another sketch I did of a Joker Mask, By David McKean. See below! 

Thanks for reading about my day, 


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