17 September 2013

Back so soon?

Naturally! Since I'm now approaching my compositing stage in my music production video. Its all happening now.

So what progress have I made? Well, today I am finishing off my cartoon characters. As I only had two months to create this project, I decided not to go full whack and instead animate with 2D multi layer characters and rig it all up in AE.

I like to sketch my drawings by hand in a sketchbook before I put them into Photoshop.  So I started there, scanned those puppies in, outlined them using the pen tool then I coloured my characters parts in.

You can see the side views parts here, hope it demonstrates clearly how it works.

I did this with ALL of the peacock pieces, long, but defiantly worth it. Have  look and let me know what you think. 


Next I will show you my other character Charjan, perhaps I'll have a movie of it instead....

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