16 September 2013

More puppets!


In addition to the prep piece I made below from water based clay, (this stuf cracks up by the by if you dont treat it or make your model secure, BEWARE! =3)

I also made my puppets from URO clay, which can be used to create cute things such as Dolls house appliances e.t.c, or like how I did, for puppets!

So where did I begin? Exactly where  I should, with the armature!
 I measured my wire against my planed drawing, spliced the wires and then added all of my nuts and bolts and such. I think if you consider yourself fairly adept, you should find your own way of doing your puppets. And learn from your successes and fails , its a large part of learning and improving your skills.

I found CESAR DACOL JR particularly useful when doing my research on armatures. 

After gluing, twisting, mulching and swearing,  I began to mix then model my clay beginning with the head and implanting the eyes.  

I continued to manipulate my clay to the way I wanted it for my characters.

Here are a couple of stages within my modelling so you can see my process, if it helps.

 And finally they were finished. They move and everything. Here they are ready for filming on my un-made set.


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