14 October 2014

A walk into the Autumn

                  Few! This feels weird, writing in my blog. I've been concentrating most of my efforts in my portfolio recently so my blog unfortunately has been suffering. But you don't want to hear me prattle on with my excuses do you?

No, so what do see in this post? AUTUMN! Because its that time of year and I happened to get some great shots and sketches made from Finsbury Park. Theirs a lovely old train track walk that we took to get there and it makes for some really lovely pictures. Also the park was pretty good for taking some snaps too. Here are a few pics that I took that I think highlight the day.

If you like my pics you can also now see more of my work at www.flickr.com/photos/128483985@N03/

 I fed some birds too, word of advice: If there are pigeons wear clothes that you don't mind flees on.  I wont go into detail but I'm sure you can imagine.

I also happened upon a scene; a fight between a gull and a heron for, what I think was a slice of bread. The pictures aren't ALL the best, some blurry and what not. But you get most of the action. So i intend to make this into a little animation... of some kind. I'm not sure how with the focus jumping at times.  But i'm trying a few things out a.t.m and will update with some of what I came out with. 

But I did do some more arty things, I drew a picture. Hold me back. 

Until next time folks. 

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