8 September 2014

Painting Traditionally

So long it has been since my last post! So I must update, naturally.

So What have I been up to? Well, I took a short brake from art in general, had a few friends visit, went to some parties and weddings and generally took a load off. It was quite awesome. But now I have itching fingers and am diving right back in!

However my tablet had other ideas and conked out on me the other day randomly, so I am back to traditional until my new one arrives.

So without ado, first to present to you is my traditional miniature painting....

Tadaa! Overall the whole piece took 3 hours which isn't so bad. And I really quite like the apple.

 This  is the first in a series of three that I am going to paint. All of them will be 'Kitchen' themed, so any foods and possibly crockery and such will be pictured.

 When finished they will be available in my Etsy shop. And if you haven't already visited, please feel free to click on by and have a see whats in store.  =P


If you are curious, here to the left are the paints that I used, and to the right is a reference photograph of what I was looking at.

And bellow are a few shots of the progress of the painting. ...

 And for comparison the final piece.


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