17 June 2014

Perspective Drawing!

Yay! I'm learning to draw....again! 

Lo ho la! So i'm reaching the end of a series of projects that seem to have gone on for far too long. Not that long projects are bad, but its always good to reach the end of a creative milestone and finally sigh, '...Finished'.  That also means that now thats over with that new creative things are on the horizon! YAAY! 

So I have decided to get back into drawing. I feel have branched away from drawing illustrations, so i'm making my way back slowly by practicing the essentials. Perspective is what i chose first.

The above drawing I drew from observation with what I could  remember from 
learning about perspective drawing. Completed in 1.30

This drawing is after I refreshed my memory on le youtube and my books. 
This took took just under an hour, and was a lot easier with a ruler. 

So above is one and two point perspectives, I think i'll try a few more of these before I tackle a 3 point or 
however many point perspective. 


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