2 June 2014

I Made a Tabloo....

...Why? I Have No Idea. 

It started with a little house for my main logo character, witchpencil, made by the wonderful Aimee Williams. Or better known to her students Miss Williams. I believe I've mentioned her before on this blog, we do do (hehehe, i said doodoo) quite a bit of crafting together, is always a lot of fun.

So as i said, no idea why this was made, but when do we need an excuse to make something these days, huh? So below are some pics of the process of making the tablo. Probably not the proper masterful technique, but none the less, it got the job done.

Making houses! 

Because a tablo needs a few houses. 

And Vola! i popped it into the garden to give a more ...realistic background.? Yes. Obviously. And this is what it looks like! 

And here i just messed around with the image in photoshop, but i was in a bit of a rush if i remember correctly, so i only spent maybe 10 mins on editing it. If you know photoshop, you can probably see. 
And Vola!

This is one way to waste your time, make a tablo! Because why not.


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