21 May 2013

Latest Drawings on the Computer

My latest creations on my white little mac that just wants to retire but i refuse to let it.  The above entry was originally for this years Red Bull competition, but, i think thanks to the time change my time slot got comPLETLY frelled up. So it didn't quite happen, which is a shame. There was going to be a lazer scanning the bar code on her temple, but that was apart of the other image that would have joined on to this one, so i had to leave it out. The Background on this one isn't the best I know, but I simply couldn't wait to have it finished and spewed this out. So i Will at some point revisit, but that day is not today.
And my wizzards!   arnt they just so cute. This was a little sketch that I wanted to colour in and mess around with the shading techniques on Photoshop. If you look closely, you'll notice that the "quantum's" of colour  don't exactly corresponds to reality..... but it still looks good. =)

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