17 April 2013


Ok, i haven't updated this for far too long. my reasons being i am too much of a freeking perfectionist and I seem to think that everything has to be finished to show. So, no, I am going to change this by posting up all of the half finished work that i've got on the go so far........ its quite a bit.

This will banish my fears right? Hope it looks ok.MY PRETTY BLOG!


I really don't like this one. Its supposed to be my friend, I wont mention names to still remain friends, but I don't like it so I've labelled it as unfinished... I don't think I'll ever go near it again. Soz babes. 

Very old sketch, which is why some bits are out of proportion. But still cool, even if unfinished. 

Ok, that wasn't too painful.....ha...ha.....

Hopefully you can use an artistic eye and see where these images are going. =) 

 Until  next time!

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