10 March 2013

My Work Space, Before I Change Its Again...


So on my latest drawing, after many hours of work I finally leaned back on my squeaky chair and took a short reprieve.

Looking at my walls and general work area, I thought to myself, hey, I should share this chaos on my blog. As so here I am, sharing. =)

Abouve is my main work space. I pretty much live in this space because not only do i work here, but i also do all of my obsessive interneting! (yes that is a word.....-_-)  

And this is my main shelf with all of my materials in. I've been accumulating these things since i first knew i could. So that would be back in....1998, possibly even longer.  So thats just before i started secondary school. 

And just incase you wanted a wee closer look at some of the books or stuff on my shelves, hre ya' go. 


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