18 March 2015

Lessons In Illustrator.

Thats right i've been refreshing myself on Illustrator in a local class, and I have been creating some logos, posters and general funky designs. So naturally here I am sharing what I've been up to...

To start off with, a moodbord

Logos- messing with shapes 
and initials to create a personal image that 
would identify me and my personality.... I tried.


Might just be seeing these on my future art work. =D
Cards-Using basic shapes to 
create more complex and identifiable images. 

Messing around with text and 
pattern layering. I just stuck a picture in 
the background for funzies. 

And some design templates for stickers, mugs and keychains
using some of the techniques that i've learnt.  

I've got a couple weeks left and so far I've enjoyed what i've accomplished.

You know the drill,
Until next time,


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