12 February 2015

Making A kindle book cover.

OK! So I needed a new Kindle cover, and being a creative person that I am I thought, 'Hey, why don't I make my own. So I did a little research on how to make books, then used the principles of this to form my Kindle cover. 

S first I selected my material. I wanted it to have an old leather type feel to it, and since I had no leather and I was too impatient for the shops to open the next day, I created my own mock leather. 

I did this by basing my canvas material using acrylic. 

I then continued to add layers with the desired colours. 

After I had the colours and thinkness coated onto my material, I finished by texturing a slightly wet top coat with wire to really create that skin feel. After this I applied a gloss, then when this was dry a dry rubbed white watercolour into the grooves to create that extra depth. 

Once my material was created, I then cut out some foam covers and bound them with a softer car between them. I then folded the corners around the outside and secured them to make the main frame of the book cover. 

With the majority of the cover now made, I set to decopaging the inside with torn up paper and images.

Left it to dry. Added some stretchy cord to hold the kindle and pen and...

One Kindle cover.

That was lots of fun! I can see myself making more of these. 

Until next time,

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