24 September 2013

Ok... getting a little paranoid.

I said I'd upload my character colouring video and such, but now I'm worrying about the creative commerce licences... or, whatever licence it is. The final product for this video has high expectations and I'm unsure of just how much exactly I can upload for your viewing pleasure... sooooo, I have the speed painting video on line and the post promised saved to the drafts,  but until I find out more I'm afraid it will be kept on the shelf, so to speak.

Soz guys. But, I have another pretty picture of a flower I took...
Not Photo edited by the by.

Not good enough? Gosh, you're hard to please. Ok, I drew this, and its only half finished, the other week. This is just so I can take a break from the computer once in a while but still keep my dawing skills up there.... with ... this guy..>

Here we go! Plz Excuse phone photo quality. 


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