1 November 2012

My New Art Journal

Howdie! I want to show you some pictures of my new cover for my Art Journal. I was looking for something new and inspirational to create, and lo, this idea floated along the web.  If you have heard or seen this before, I'm not showing you anything that might hit your creative funny bone, but! If your like me,  this grate idea of making a journal from any old book you fancy is a grate way to experiment with your materials.

I first saw the idea from Monica Zúñiga at Hands and Heart. Monica has some grate tips and inspirational images on her blog to really help the creative juices that stream through our noggins. Thanks Monica! =)

So, here are a few snaps of what I created. Through out, I wanted to only use paint and sweet wrappers to create some really cool textures. Textures seem to important in these things. And of course, a girl can't go anywhere without adding a few accessories.

And here we have my buddy ol' pal Chewie, keeping a watchful eye on my camera, hoping for a moment to pounce and chew it to pieces. 

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